Regulations for International Soccer Tournament Thessaloniki Youth Cup

The Explosivo Travel Agency for sport tourism and outdoor activities, along with the Lolas Multiaction Center organize the Thessaloniki Youth Cup. An international tournament for children’s soccer teams, from 26 to 29 of June 2019, for the rest categories:

Thessaloniki Youth Cup 26-29 June 2019
Category Players Born
1. U12 9 vs 9 2007-2008
2. U14 11 vs 11 2005-2006
Rules for U12, born 2007-2008

The games will be held 9 against 9, in short-term games, in two phases. Field’s dimensions: 68m x 45m. Balls of the games: No 4. All the U12 games will be held with one (1) referee. Indefinite number of substitutions is allowed. The player that is replaced can re-enter the game. The groups of each category will be organized by the organizing committee after the submission of the statements of participation. Only the coach and the assistant of each team are allowed on the court.

Rules for U14, born 2005-2006

The games will be held 11 against 11, in short-term games, in two phases. Field’s dimensions: 100m x 70m. Balls of the game: No 5. All the U14 games (except of the finals) will be held with two (2) referees. The finals games will be held with three (3) referees. Seven (7) substitutions are allowed during the game. The player that is replaced can’t re-enter the game. The groups of each category will be organized by the organizing committee after the submission of the statements of participation. Only the coach and the assistant of each team are allowed on the court.

Way of conduct – Draw

During the first stage, groups are going to be formed. In the second phase, the groups are drawn up on the basis of the grading of the first phase. In case of two teams hold the same rank, the following will be taken into consideration: 1) the outcome of their game, 2) the number of goals difference, 3) best attack, 4) best defense, 5) the most draws, 6) by lot.

During the knock-out games, if a match ends in a draw, the winner will be determined through the penalties (3 penalties in classification matches, 5 penalties in the finals, without time extension).


Points will be given as such: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a defeat.


If any team wishes to make an objection, this must be recorded on the score sheet, immediately after the end of the game (within 15 minutes).


Offences applied for players concern sending-off offences and elimination from the tournament. If a player receives two yellow cards in the same game then he is sent off. Receiving a red card, the player is not allowed to participate in the next game. A red card for a serious foul play or the use of offensive language against a player or a referee results to the player’s elimination from the tournament. The organizing committee is responsible for the implementation of the offences and the handling of any objections. All the teams acknowledge the committee as the only responsible for dealing with anything that might arise.

The academies must take measures in order to prevent and suppress incidents defaming the sport or arousing the fans and are responsible for any unsporting action or offensive behavior of players, coaches and members of their team.

General information

Each team-academy participating, must present to the organizing committee health certificates with the names of the players. The identity and age of each player must be verified by official documents (Soccer League Card, birth certificate) which will be given to the organizing committee that will keep them throughout the tournament. Identity and age control will be realized before the beginning of the tournament. The use of a player that does not belong to this age category will cause the zeroing of his team in the match and the victory to the opposing team (score 3-0).

The organizing committee is responsible for any changes in the games schedule and the organization in general (fields, resting hours etc). There will be a secretary inside the facilities, offering the best services to the teams and dealing with issues that might arise.


Medals and cups will be awarded tο the first three winners of each category. All teams will receive medals, participation souvenirs. The first scorer, the best football – player and the best goal-keeper of each category will be awarded.


Teams must wear different color uniforms. If the opposing teams wear the same colors, the first team, as referred to in the program, are required to wear a different color uniform. If it is not possible, then the first group must wear separate flannels. The shirt of every football- player should be numbered. The goalkeeper must wear uniforms of a different color from the contesting teams. Participation is not permitted without shin pads.


The referees are members of the Association of Soccer Unions of Macedonia – Greece, applying the Rules of Soccer Games, controlling the way the tournament is held according to its rules.

Health Care

A doctor, nurse or a physiotherapist will be present in each game. The company (Explosivo Travel) is insured against all liability – has protection against 3rd party claims.

Departures -Arrivals- Delays

Teams should arrive on Wednesday 26th of June 2019. Games will start in the morning of Thursday 27th of June 2019. The teams will depart after the closing ceremony which will take place on Saturday 29th of June 2019

The teams must be in the field on time. A team that will not appear in the scheduled field in the scheduled time will lose the game with a score of 3-0. Different decisions (e.g. delayed beginning of the game) can be taken only by the organizers.


The tournament will be held in the fields of Lola’s Sports Center, which all have natural grass. The organizing committee will decide which fields will be used.

Side Activities (Fun Zone)

Human football game, Teqball, Panna game (1vs1), archery and other skill games will be available for kids during their free time.

Organized by Explosivo Travel

GNTO number (Greek National Tourism Organization): 09.33.Ε.60.00.00635.01